The Official Bug Spray of the 2016 Summer Olympics

July 13, 2016 | Posted In: General

The 2016 Summer Olympics are fast approaching, and excited fans of this year’s festivities get to enjoy the suspense behind an extra world match: the Zika virus versus the human race! Since crazed sports fans would rather face the possibility of catching a virus that poses a definite threat to unborn babies and may also cause serious neurological damage to the rest of the population than delay or relocate the sporting event where players from all around the world get to duke it out, the Olympic committee has decided to sponsor an official insect repellent to at least encourage said crazed sports fans to wear bug spray and protect themselves against catching this rapidly spreading disease. Hopefully, this will help curb the continued spread of the disease after the games have ended and all the fans return home to their respective countries.

Yep! SC Johnson’s OFF! insect repellent is the first ever bug spray to partner with the Olympics! Bottles of the bug spray will be handed out to all athletes, volunteers, and staff at the start of the games on August 5th. Unfortunately, fans don’t also get freebies and still have to purchase a bottle in order to protect themselves against the mass of hungry mosquitos. Here’s to hoping no one brings the Zika virus back to the U.S. after the games end…yeah, I’m not counting on that…

Do you think the Summer Olympics will encourage the spread of the Zika virus into other countries, turning this Zika problem into a true epidemic?