Man Sets Wife on Fire with Insect Repellent

July 18, 2016 | Posted In: General

You can probably tell by the title that this story was just too good to pass up, especially with the focus officials have been putting on how necessary insect repellent is lately because of the Zika virus. It would seem that sometimes what could save your life might also bring about a horrible and excruciatingly painful death. Actually, it wasn’t insect repellent, but ethanol that was used, which the person thought would repel insects…not the brightest bulb, huh.

A family consisting of a man, his wife, and their 13-year-old son from Austria were enjoying an afternoon out on their deck when the husband thought that in a pinch he could just use ethanol as an insect repellent…yeah, really not the bright bulb. He opened up his bottle of 96 percent ethanol, which immediately burst into flames, spreading to his wife and covering her in fire. Officials believe that a lit tealight on the nearby table is what set the ethanol on fire.

Of course, the husband and son immediately rushed to put out the flames as soon as she went up in front of their very eyes. They ended up putting her in the shower and doused her with water. She still had to be taken to the hospital, but is alright and, surprisingly, not planning to call out a hit on her husband. Now that’s true love.

Have you ever had any fire related accidents while enjoying some time outdoors? What happened?