Crushed Cricket Craziness

July 19, 2016 | Posted In: General

One pair of guys got a nasty surprise when they crushed a cricket. Two men were filmed when one decided to step on a cricket and long worms burst forth. The men can be seen swearing in disgust when they spot the parasite crawling out. Apparently, the cricket was infected with hairworms, which thank god do not infect humans, so calm down. These parasitic worms are usually eaten by insects accidentally, and then snuggle in their new host, growing longer and longer until they decide it’s time to escape. Then they control the mind of the host, getting them to take a dip in some water as they happen to be aquatic, and burst free of their too-tight insect suit. The video was put on Liveleak, where 30,000 sad humans found it fascinating…gross. This proves that life is way too easy for us humans now…this should not be our entertainment. But, I guess I also found it, so I can’t really judge now can I. See if you can stand the sight of this…

Have you ever seen anything this gross? Can you top this one?