Why The Oldest Insect Fossil Is Baffling

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The oldest insect fossil ever found is three hundred and ten million years old. The insect is most likely a type of Mayfly. What is interesting about this fossil is the fact that there are no insect prints leading to the fossilized insect, and there are also no wings. So how did this insect reach the particular spot where it was found?

The ancient insect may not have prints or wings because it is related to modern mayflies. Modern mayflies fold their wings in a manner very different from other flying insects. Also, the fossil shows that the ancient insect lands in a squat position with its abdomen pressing against the ground and its legs sprawled outward.

This fossil is of great use to insect science since it will show how early insects moved around. Most bug fossils that are even half as old as this fossil normally only show preserved wings, making this particular fossil a rarity.

Do you think that it is possible that the fossil discussed above did not have prints leading to its body because the prints were not preserved in fossil form?