Japanese Super Strong Insect Repellent

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With the threat of the Zika virus looming Japan’s three largest insect repellent producers are planning on creating insect repellents that are three times as strong as the ones currently produced in Japan. Now, the insect repellents in Japan are actually less potent than ones made in the U.S., with the highest level of DEET in any of their insect repellents being only 12% compared to the 30% overseas insect repellents. However, they’re looking to make repellents with a concentration of up to 45%, a pretty big upgrade even for the strongest overseas insect repellent.

The companies plan to release these repellents to the public in record time too. They are going through an accelerated approval process, which has been approved by the health ministry. The three main companies involved are Fumakilla, Earth Chemical, and Kincho. The companies are planning to release their products by the start of 2017, with them expecting to receive the approval of the repellent safety and efficacy as well as the grant by the end of this September. With the first few cases of the Zika virus having just surfaced in Japan it’s no surprise they’re bringing out the big guns.

Do you think stronger insect repellents will be able to significantly reduce the number of cases of mosquito borne illnesses?