Spiders Protect Themselves Through Disguise

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Every animal knows how to intimidate their opponents, but very few are clever enough to wear a disguise to appear tough to predators. The jumping spider is a good example of a creature that can disguise itself in times of trouble.

The jumping spider fools predators into thinking that it is actually a very aggressive ant with a painful bite. The ant that the jumping spider is mimicking is called the Weaver Ant. These ants possess two different pain-causing chemicals in their venom, which can cause pain lasting up to a week. These ants are so fierce that even much larger birds, reptiles, and amphibians won’t go near these guys.

The weaver ant is a pretty good bug to pretend to be if you are trying to survive amongst other bugs, and the jumping spider is not the only bug to pose as a weaver ant. The Myrmarachne Spider is capable of modifying its cephalothorax to look and walk more like a weaver ant. Apparently all bugs regard the weaver ant as the most intimidating of all bugs.

Are there any other types of animals that mimic objects or other animals to avoid attack?