Be On The Look Out For The Devastating Cannibalistic Super Slugs

September 15, 2016 | Posted In: General

slugs are notorious for being disrespectful of people’s well-kept gardens. However, there is no slug that can match the devastation that the remarkably awful Spanish slug can cause. These slugs are feared all over Europe, and they have been spotted in the United States as well. Once a gardener spots a group of these little monsters in his/her garden there may not be much of a chance that his/her family will be enjoying homegrown tomatoes come fall.

The Spanish slugs originate in Europe and are colored brown and orange and can reach a length of five inches. These slugs are carnivorous, they can breed very quickly and they don’t have to fear any natural predator, probably because no animal could stomach eating such an ugly mistake of nature. A group of these slugs are capable of consuming every piece of food growing in a garden, including beans, potatoes, courgettes and leeks. In fact, these slugs have been blames for ruining entire crops in Germany and Scandinavia. The Spanish slug is also among the one hundred most invasive species in Europe, and it is easily the most invasive slug in the world.

To make these slugs a little more repulsive it should be mentioned that they are cannibals. If a Spanish slug should be found run over and dead on a road, then numerous other Spanish slugs will swarm the corpse in order to feed on it. Nature has gifted them the ability to produce chemicals that make them indigestible to frogs and other animals that typically feed on slugs. So how can they be defeated? Well, nobody knows of a surefire method yet as these slugs seem clever enough to avoid poison pest control pellets. It is only a matter of time before the few that exist in the USA reproduce and cause a major food crisis.

Have you ever seen one of these Spanish slugs, or has a friend of your seen one? How did you or them deal with them and try to save your garden?