Mass Anti-Mosquito Insecticide Is Finally Sprayed Over Miami

September 19, 2016 | Posted In: General | Posted In: Mosquito

Now that the Zika carrying mosquito has been located on Miami Beach, drastic measures must be taken to contain the virus. So far there have been fifty six transmissions of Zika in Florida, and the state has also seen five hundred and ninety six travel related cases of Zika. In response to the gradual worsening of the Zika situation, a plane carrying insecticides has showered Miami Beach with the hopes that all remaining Zika carrying mosquitoes have died.

Zika carrying mosquitoes are most active at dawn and sunset, which is when the aerial insecticide release took place. This is also and idea time to spray the beaches since very few people still congregate at the beaches during those hours. Despite some local protest over the safety of the insecticides, experts dismiss any concern since the insecticide is not harmful to humans or the environment. The experts also stressed that very little insecticide was used. In fact only two tablespoons per acre covered. Many residents of the Miami area feel safer now that the area has been sprayed.

Do you think spraying insecticide to protect people from the Zika virus should be practiced all over the United States?