This Is How The Zika Virus Could Make Its Way North

October 10, 2016 | Posted In: General | Posted In: Mosquito

Researchers have confirmed that a mosquito known as Culex quinquefasciatus is able to contract the Zika virus. This is a potentially big deal since this type of mosquito thrives in colder climates. However it is not yet known whether this mosquito contracts the Zika virus in the wild. If this mosquito can contract Zika in the wild, then the virus could move much farther north than Florida.

Currently, the Zika carrying mosquito, Aedes aegypti, is the only type of mosquito that is targeted for control. However, if researchers discover that the Culex mosquito is able to contract and pass the Zika virus onto humans, then the Culex will also have to be targeted for control, which would cost an already expensive anti-Zika campaign much more money. So far a Chinese medical researching company has determined that the Culex mosquito is able to transmit the Zika virus to mice. It seems that lately researchers are experiencing nothing but setbacks when it comes to controlling the spread of the Zika virus.

Is it fair to assume that the Culex mosquito is currently carrying the Zika virus since researchers demonstrated that it can contract the virus in a lab?