A Clean Garden Will Keep The Slugs Away

October 11, 2016 | Posted In: Miscellaneous

Nobody likes slugs, especially when they are laying eggs and wreaking all sorts of havoc in your garden. But it looks like there may be a method of keeping slugs and their offspring off of your vegetation. This method simply involves keeping your garden clean, and free of any old yellowing plant leaves, which is where slugs enjoy laying their eggs.

The first step to making your garden unattractive to slugs entails cleaning your garden of all old and wilting flowers as well as stems and dead dried leaves. Also, spreading seaweed onto your garden soil will repel slugs due to the high salt content in seaweed. In addition to seaweed, crushed eggs and bones provide a source of calcium and phosphorous, which releases a lime agent that also works to repel slugs from laying eggs in your beautiful garden. By following these simple instructions you can enjoy a slug free garden for all future summer seasons.

What do you do to keep slugs out of your garden?