Special Silkworms Are As Strong As Spider Man

October 12, 2016 | Posted In: General

A group of presumably bored researchers decided to feed a silkworm graphene and carbon nanotubes. As a result, the silkworms were able to spin silk that is much stronger than your typical silk. This stronger silk product can be used to construct more durable materials, such as clothing materials and medical implants to name a couple.

The special silk is produced by the caterpillars that will eventually become silk moths. By feeding the larvae carbon nanotubes and grapheme, silkworms were able to reinforce the silken threads themselves. The reinforced silk has been determined to handle fifty percent more stress than typical silk. After heating the super-strong strand of silk, scientists found that the new and improved silk was much better at conducting electrical currents than normal silk. The scientists working to create a super strong silk are doing so with the hopes that the strong silk can be used to create medical implants.

What type of medical implants could be created with spider silk?