Beware Of Spider Crickets In Your Basement

November 18, 2016 | Posted In: General

This terrible looking insect does not mind inviting itself over to your home if the outside climate is not to their liking. However, it is difficult to blame the unintelligent spider cricket for its intrusiveness since, from the spider’s perspective, entering your home through a crevice to make you scream when you see it in the shower, is just normal behavior for them since they are under the impression that they are entering their natural habitat rather than your home.

Spider crickets are indeed creepy creatures because they are fairly large, they have long legs resembling the legs of a spider, and they congregate in large numbers in the darkest corners of your home. Who know what they are all meeting about, but it cannot be good.

Oh! And one more unsettling fact about this very common house spider, it jumps. In fact, it likes to jump while aiming for you! That is due to the fact that this spider is known to jump directly at whatever inspired their feeling of fear and defense, which is you.

Have you ever located a spider cricket within your living area? And if you did, had you ever seen one before that time?