Australian’s Deal With Their Spider Problem In Strange Ways

November 21, 2016 | Posted In: General

Australia is the perfect environment for extremely large and beastly spiders. The huntsman spider in particular has been known to overpower rodents and drag them to their deaths. Other types of huntsman spiders are as large as king crabs. So what are Australians supposed to do in a country where these wild and often dangerous creatures make it into their homes or their gardens? As you can imagine many different extermination methods are employed by a number of different people.

For example, one Australian man found a family of extremely venomous redback spiders in his garden, so he proceeded to take a blowtorch to them. Before you feel bad for the redback spider just know that these spiders are responsible for the hospitalizations of two thousand people per year in Australia alone.

Would Australia’s dangerous creature problem deter you from visiting the continent?