Britain Has Been Invaded By Deadly Spiders

December 8, 2016 | Posted In: General

Be very glad you are American and not British right now. Our neighbors across the Atlantic Ocean are having a rather tough time right now when it comes to spiders. Venomous false widow spiders, the cousin of the black widow, have begun invading British homes as weather has warmed up recently. On top of that their population is also booming now due to the more friendly conditions they are enjoying in people’s homes.

The false widow spider is, thankfully, not nearly as dangerous as it’s cousin the black widow. While their bite is closer to a bee sting, it has still sent a number of people to the hospital.

One man that was bitten while on vacation and almost died. After Simon John was bitten during the night he noticed two red marks on his leg, which began to swell, and developed a fever. Those two red marks turned into a gaping open wound. Doctors had to cut some of his flesh off after it began to rot. Had the bite been any higher he would have likely died. These false widow spiders may not be as dangerous as the black widow, but it still packs a hell of a punch!

Have you ever seen a false widow spider? Have you ever been bitten by a false widow or a black widow spider?