New Spider Species Was Found In The United States

December 9, 2016 | Posted In: General

University of Indiana professor found a new species of spider while taking an inventory of plants, animals and fungi at the Glacier’s End Nature Preserve. The recently discovered spiders are tiny, measuring in at two and half millimeters in size. The new spider is tentatively being called Orenoetides sp.

The newly discovered spider lives in the forests and prefers to seek shelter underneath leaves. The spider feeds on mostly soft-bodied animals. It is highly unlikely that you would ever find one in your home, but if you did you would be ok since they are, quite likely, nonvenomous.

This spider was discovered in a nature preserve where many other animals have been discovered. Unfortunately up to ninety percent of Indiana’s forests have been cleared, so sadly there may have been several animal species that became extinct recently and were never discovered. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of forestland waiting to be combed for undiscovered bugs.

Have you ever captured an insect with the hopes that you could have it identified?