Are American Restaurants Serving Bugs Yet?

December 12, 2016 | Posted In: General

Nobody living in the United States is ignorant of the recent bug-eating fad. We have all heard of the benefits that can be had if only people would embrace roaches, crickets and worms as nutritious cuisine. Of course, my personal experience with bugs does not ever go too far beyond casually stepping on ants while staring into space on my back porch, so I, and many other Americans. are having trouble seeing creepy-crawlies as potentially tasty snacks. However, more Americans than you would think are throwing away their fears and taking the plunge into the world of insect food.

South America, Asia, Africa, and even more and more parts of Europe count bugs as sources of sustenance. So what about America these days? Are things changing for the better for bug-eaters in the states?

Recently the famed Colorado Restaurant Show featured two different culinary professionals presenting cricket based cuisines. In New York City the renowned chef, Julian Medina, has been serving grasshopper tacos at the swanky Toloache restaurant for years. Another popular chef, Hugo Ortega, has been serving grasshoppers and mescal worms (actually they are caterpillars) to enthusiastic patrons for several years at his own restaurant in Houston, Texas. Ortega noted how much more quickly a hispanic will eat bugs as opposed to an American. Although it may be slow going, there are several signs that would suggest that we will be seeing more and more bugs on the menu in America.

Do you think that bugs will eventually be served at fast food locations in America? And are there any other countries that feature bugs on fast food menus?