Could Zika Become A Disaster In The United States?

January 4, 2017 | Posted In: General

A recent Zika outbreak in Brownsville, Texas has some experts concerned that a much larger Zika outbreak has yet to occur in the US. The Zika epidemic in Brazil has become so bad that many women are refusing to become pregnant. So do the most knowledgeable Zika experts believe that a devastating Zika epidemic is in our future? According to a recent article published in The Journal of Medical Entomology, the answer seems to be “no”.

Leading experts agree that poor socioeconomic conditions are the primary factor contributing to Zika epidemics. Luckily, Americans enjoy a standard of living that is much less conducive to outbreaks of disease. Many researchers previously believed that if the climate was right then Americans could also experience a large-scale Zika epidemic. However, the recent article claimed that as long as sanitary conditions, such as the cleanliness of the local drinking water, are maintained then the likelihood of a Zika outbreak occurring within US borders is very low.

Do you believe that the government is doing enough to halt the spread of the Zika virus?