A Newly Discovered Bug Species Has Females That Are All Pink

January 12, 2017 | Posted In: General

A team of researchers exploring the jungles of Southeast Asia for exotic bugs stumbled upon a unique specimen. The researchers discovered two different species of katydid, both of which are sporting a distinct pink color that cannot be missed.

Not only are the female katydids bright pink, but both the males and the female katydids look just like leaves. The katydid’s leaf-like appearance is unmistakable once you see their distinct veins as well as the leaf-like robes that these strange looking creatures seem to be wearing on their legs. The researchers have not failed to notice that these two rarely seen katydid species do not look like any other species of katydid, and it is mostly their bright pink appearance that experts find so strikingly different from the norm. The researchers claim that these two katydids developed strange looking camouflage on account of their unique environment that is not shared with any other species of katydid.

Have you ever seen an insect that looked to be the color of red or pink?