The Tiger Beetle Wins the Award for Being the Most Ferocious Insect on Earth

January 13, 2017 | Posted In: General

If there were a human that could be considered comparable to the tiger beetle, it would probably be the sociopath serial killer, particularly the ones that like a little extra torture with their murder. The tiger beetle is basically the sadistic sociopath of the insect world.

As young child beetles the tiger beetle is already ten times more terrifying than most other insects. It likes to dig little holes in the ground for it to hide in and wait for some unlucky insect prey to pass by. Then, in the style of Freddy Kruger a la his murder of the young Johnny Depp, drag its victim down into the depths of said hiding place to their ultimate doom. And that’s just the young tiger beetle.

As tiger beetles mature into adulthood they become even more ferocious and bloodthirsty. An adult tiger beetle will go after just about any other insect it comes across, even ladybugs (that’s just wrong in my book) and spiders. They are incredibly fast and will run down their prey, tearing its victim to literal pieces with its incredibly strong and massive jaws. Once a tiger beetle has you in its jaws, there is no escape, as they can cut through just about anything. Let’s be thankful us humans are not on the tiger beetle’s menu.

Have you ever seen a tiger beetle? What other insects are ferocious hunters?