What Time Of Year Sees The Greatest Number Of Spiders

January 18, 2017 | Posted In: General

Many people think that spiders are at their most numerous and active during the summer, especially the late summer. However, it is August and September that see the least amount of insects. Very few spiders will have fully matured by the time late summer rolls around. The orb-weaving spider as well as many house spiders are just a couple of the very few types of spiders that do mature fully by the end of the summer.

During the summer the low moisture levels make the environment less hospitable to spiders. For example, October through December as well as during the spring season, are the times of year when spiders will be at their most active, and this is due to the higher moisture levels in the air during that time of year. In regions with mild climates, such as the Northwestern United States, winter is especially more hospitable for spiders than the dead of summer.

Have you ever spotted a live spider, indoors or outdoors, during the winter months?