Can Spiders Enter Homes Through Drains?

January 19, 2017 | Posted In: General

It seem like we have all had experienced seeing a creepy bug in the shower, but how did it get there? Some people believe that the bugs that they find in their bathrooms must have accessed the room through the shower drain, or the sink drain, or worst of all, the toilet. So can bugs climb into our homes via drains?

In reality, spiders and insects do not enter our homes through drains, and the spiders or insects that we do find in the bathtub are only there because they are in your house all the timeā€¦and they are thirsty. Modern drains contain a liquid containing sediment trap that spiders are not capable of penetrating. If you see a spider or an insect in your bathtub, just remember that they are unable to crawl up the porcelain side to find escape, so they will need your assistance. Or you could just wash them down a drain because spiders and insects can go through a drain, but it will always be to the sewer and not our homes.

Have you ever found an insect or spider in your toilet?