What It’s Like Raising A Raccoon As A Pet | Atlanta Raccoon Control

March 23, 2017 | Posted In: General

Imagine for a moment what it would be like to have a raccoon as a pet. They are extremely messy and they can spread disease. Most people, with the exception of die-hard animal lovers, would not agree to let a raccoon stay in their home. If I hosted a raccoon around the clock and for seven days a week, then I would never be able to sleep. Despite the many hardships that come with owning a raccoon, some people actually go through with their plans to keep a raccoon captive in their homes.

Kasey Valentine decided one day that she needed a pet, so she decided to check the classifieds with the hopes that somebody would be selling a dog or a cat. Initially Valentine was looking for a new car, but she knew she wanted a pet so she started looking, and that was when she came across a raccoon that had been kept as a pet, but the owner was no longer able to care for it. After getting one look at the cute raccoons face, Valentine broke down and contacted the seller. Despite already having multiple and rambunctious kids, Valentine could not resist introducing a new destructive little critter into her home.

After posting her new pet raccoon on social media sites, the raccoon, which is named “Cody”, garnered a lot of likes and views. So Cody the raccoon is already an Internet celebrity.

According to Valentine, raccoons are even more destructive than she had been previously led to believe. Cody, like all raccoons, have highly dexterous paws which can unscrew the lids from jars, so you can picture the mess that would result. Cody has also been caught opening window latches and doors. Luckily, Cody the raccoon has a happy home, which consists of an underground network of tunnels that Cody can explore for the rest of his days.

Have you ever met someone who kept a raccoon as a pet?