New Terrifying Spider Is Discovered In The United States

April 7, 2017 | Posted In: General

While two entomologists were walking through an old abandoned mine in Baja, California they stumbled on what is perhaps the ugliest beast that either of these men had ever seen. The beast can only be described as a bizarre looking and enormous spider that neither of the entomologists from the Natural History Museum were able to identify, even after analyzing the spider. Since the two men were entomologists they did not run from the hairy eight-legged beast, instead they chased after it, and likely argued over who “really” discovered the never-seen spider, but that is just a guess.

Once the entomologists succeeded in capturing the specimen they noticed that the spider was the size of a softball. The spider was also sporting a yellow hairy abdomen with unusually large fangs, and legs that seemed endless. The appearance of the spider was strange and distinct enough for the two spider experts to know that they had an entirely new type of spider on their hands.

After taking their newfound specimen back to their lab at the San Diego Natural History Museum, the spider experts immediately got in touch with another leading expert on spider phylogeny. It was soon confirmed that the two entomologists had discovered a new species as well as a new genus. The spider has been officially named Califorctenus cacahilensis after the Sierra Chacahalis mountain ranges where it was first found by the two brave entomologists.

According to Berrian himself, it is not unusual to find a new species of spider since there are so many undiscovered spiders roaming the earth. There could be anywhere between two and two and half million spiders in the wild that have yet to be identified. However, Berrian did admit that discovering a spider that is as large and odd looking as the Calforctenus in an area where people often congregate is, indeed, a little less common.

Have you ever spotted such a strange looking spider that you thought that you had discovered an unknown species?