What Is The Difference Between Raccoons And Raccoon Dogs? | Georgia Raccoon Control

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What Is The Difference Between Raccoons And Raccoon Dogs? | Georgia Raccoon Control

Many of you have probably never even heard of raccoon dogs before, and if you have seen one once, then you probably did not recognize it. Both raccoons and raccoon dogs both appear quite similar to one another in that they both possess similar colors as well as body shape.

Raccoons originate from North America and they belong to the raccoon family. Whereas the raccoon dog, which is also known as tanuki, originated from East Asia, and they belong to an entirely different family known Canidae. Both wolves as well as foxes belong to the canidae family. Raccoon dogs and raccoons both inhabited similar environments, such as forests, wetlands, and mountainous areas. Both of these animals enjoy climbing trees, swimming and feeding on the same types of plants and animals.

Raccoon dogs and raccoons do have differently shaped bodies, but you may have to be a close observer to notice the differences. For example, raccoons have a compact torso with short legs and a long bushy tail. Raccoons are often between 16 and 28 inches in length. Raccoon dogs on the other hand have an elongated torso and a short tail, but they are of a similar length as raccoon dogs are often measured at 18 to 28 inches.

The way raccoon dogs and raccoons behave is somewhat different as well. Raccoon dogs will live in pairs or small family groups. Raccoon dogs are also known to groom other members of their immediate family. Raccoons may not groom their family members as often as raccoon dogs do, but they are social creatures. Raccoons will often rest with members of their immediate family and they will also feed together. Raccoon dogs live to be only around eleven years old when in captivity, whereas raccoons can live up to twenty years in captivity. However, when these animals are in the wild raccoons will only live for about two or three years, while raccoon dogs can survive for as long as seven years. This may indicate that raccoon dogs are better adapted to their natural environments.

Had you ever seen or even heard of a raccoon dog before?