Where Are Different Spider Distributed In The United States?

April 11, 2017 | Posted In: General

There are some who wrongly believe that any type of spider can live anywhere in the United States. However, just because someone may have a pet tarantula that does not mean that that tarantula could survive in natural conditions. This seems obvious enough, but believe it or not, many people think that spiders, like the black widow, can live anywhere in the United States. Actually black widows, along with every other spider and arachnid, have set habitats. There may be one exception, and that is the house spider. House spiders are especially adapted to survive within indoor conditions. Think of house spiders like domesticated spiders.

Sometimes a spider may only be found on one continent, but never everywhere on that continent. In reality, each region in the United States has a different ecosystem for spiders to live in. Black widows are, arguably, the most popular spiders to have ever lived. This spider is known for the red hourglass shape that is clearly visible on the female’s abdomens. Most black widows are found in the southern regions of the United States, but there have been some found in the northeast.

The brown recluse spider is often believed to be one of those spiders that is found in all corners of the United States. Of course, that is not true. This rumor probably started because it is true that brown recluse spiders can survive in more varied conditions than any other type of brown spider. But it cannot live anywhere. Actually the recluse is found in the south and the central regions of the US. As far as spiders go, the brown recluse can survive in regions that are normally not troubled by unwanted and poisonous spiders, like the Midwest. So no matter where you are in America don’t think that you are free from spiders.

Have you ever found a brown recluse in temperatures below forty five degrees?