First Mother In Nebraska With The Zika Virus

April 19, 2017 | Posted In: General

Zika is still around, and it is making its way into states that are located farther north. The first pregnant woman from the state of Nebraska has contracted the Zika virus. Luckily, the woman did not contract the virus while in Nebraska, nor any region of the United States. The woman had contracted the virus while vacationing in Mexico.

The woman is from Omaha, and while she was in Mexico she started feeling ill. The woman was experiencing all of the symptoms that are associated with the Zika virus. These symptoms include fever, joint pain and rash. To top it all off, at some point during the woman’s vacation she had learned that she was pregnant.

The woman’s regular obstetrician conducted her first screening for the virus, which had confirmed that she did indeed have the Zika virus. Her regular doctor then followed protocol by letting authorities with the CDC know about the woman’s case of Zika.

So far, doctors don’t believe that there is good reason to become alarmed over the state of her unborn child. According to data collected from the mother’s most recent ultrasound, her results gave the indication that her baby was fine, and free of malformations. The CDC is also forcing the woman to have her baby submitted for testing once she gives birth.

In the aftermath of Zika’s initial jolt, in America, ten percent of women delivered babies that had birth defects. Of course, babies may wind up having birth defects despite the defects not being visible on the ultrasound monitor. At the moment, health officials and lawmakers are focusing on education as the primary tool to prevent the spread of Zika. Whatever you do, don’t travel to Mexico or farther south this winter.

Have you traveled to Mexico or farther south since Zika became an issue?