From Wild Animal Pests to Domesticated Popular Pets | Animal Control Experts

May 8th, 2017

From Wild Animal Pests to Domesticated Popular Pets | Animal Control Experts

For the most part when people come across wild animals like skunks and possums they aren’t happy about stumbling across them. I, for one, walk very quickly but quietly (so they hopefully don’t notice me and decide to spray some skunk perfume my way) away at the mere sight of a skunk. But for some people the animals that we all cringe away from are their version of “man’s best friend”. There’s been a growing trend in having domesticated wild animals as pets, with celebrities leading the bandwagon with some of the most exotic and rather dangerous animals money will buy.

Believe it or not skunks are becoming a very popular wild animal to have as a pet. Now these pet skunks are the domestic version of the ones you see in the wild, do don’t go off thinking you can just trap some poor skunk in a cage and then train it to be your loving pet companion. I promise that will not turn out well. These domesticated skunks are raised in captivity and de-scented so their owners don’t have to worry about getting sprayed by their new best friend. They actually sound like rather good pets too, despite what you may think. They are very affectionate, as well as playful and very curious. They require a lot of attention and stimulation, however, and like little kids around fine china, if your not paying attention and making sure they are suitably entertained, they can cause some pretty serious damage and destruction with their long claws. And while they may come from animals that live in the wild, domesticated skunks must be kept inside the home. Unlike cats and dogs, they don’t have the same kind of ability to find their way back home if they decide to go on an adventure. On top of that they don’t know how to survive in the wild, meaning when they get lost they won’t last long without their owners care. Don’t get too excited about getting a pet skunk, however. They are only allowed in 17 states at this time.

Have you ever wanted to own an exotic or wild animal? What kind of animal was it and what made you decide not to get it? What do you think of people having wild animals as pets?

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