Do Spiders Seek Shelter In My Home During The Fall?

May 26, 2017 | Posted In: General | Posted In: Uncategorized

You have all heard about spiders moving into your home during the fall months. This seems like a sensible idea, after all, the weather is getting colder, so where are all those spiders going to go in order to keep from perishing in the cold? And of course you have spotted many spiders in your home over your lifetime, and those spiders had to come from somewhere, right? It seems pretty obvious that spiders migrate indoors during the fall. However, this may not be the case for many reasons.

For one thing, the spiders that you do see inside of your home are probably a lot different from the garden spiders that you find outside. In fact, house spiders are designed to survive indoors. If you take a spider that has spent its life indoors and you toss the spider outside it will only be a minute or two before its dead. House Spiders have no way of defending themselves against their more rugged and battle-ready outdoor insects. House spiders even adapt to the constant climate within your home, so even the smallest change in temperature can kill the house spider’s sensitive constitution.

If you do find an outdoor spider within your home it probably got there by mistake. Spiders don’t just stroll into your house when they get chilly. Most spiders invade houses by leaving egg sacs on furniture, or any other item that people often bring into their homes. These insects normally spend their whole lives sitting underneath the foundation.

If you do happen to see a large number of insects in your home during the late summer then that makes sense. August and September are hardly cold months, but people often find spiders in their home around this time. If a spider is found in your home during the late summer then it is only because late summer is spider mating season, and mature males are wondering around looking for mates.

Have you ever seen more than one type of spider in your home in one day?