Frightened Woman Found Opossums Sleeping In Her Dresser Drawers

May 30, 2017 | Posted In: General

Most people do not respond well to the presence of an opossum. Unlike the occasional deer, you never hear anyone embrace the majesty of a wild opossum while whispering in a parked car on the shoulder of the road. Opossums often repel people, even when people are outdoors and far away from the critters. Opossums are not the most inviting creatures, and their sharp teeth can make you think twice about approaching them. So imagine one woman’s surprise when she awoke one morning only to find an opossum sleeping in her dresser drawer. If that is not strange and off-putting enough, the same woman found even more sleeping opossums in her dresser drawers days later.

Brittany McClaney was looking for something to wear the other day, so she asked her mom if she could borrow some clothes. Once Brittany opened her mom’s dresser drawer she immediately noticed two black and beady eyes staring back at her. Naturally Brittany got quite a jolt, and she slammed the drawer and told her mom about the discovery. The mother believed the critter was a mouse, but Brittany insisted that the critter was much larger. Undeterred, the mother promptly opened her dresser drawer expecting to find a mouse, and she didn’t. Instead an opossum popped up, and then there was an awkward moment when the opossum and the two frightened residents locked eyes with each other. The opossum eventually went back to resting.

After having the opossum removed, Brittany’s mom noticed yet another opossum lounging in her second dresser drawer. This came as quite a surprise, but Brittany’s mother considered the occurrence to be an amazing coincidence. However, the third opossum that she found in her dresser drawer just days later had her shaken. At this point removing the opossum’s, and releasing them in the nearby timber was becoming a weekly chore. Brittany later discovered that the opossums were entering the residence through a hole on the back door, but that does not explain how the opossums wound up in closed drawers. I believe that it is safe to assume that Brittany and her mother will never feel safe opening a dresser again.

Have you ever found any forms of wildlife in your home? If you have, then what type/s were they?