An Elderly Man Was Ticketed For Feeding Squirrels

June 15, 2017 | Posted In: Wildlife

An Elderly Man Was Ticketed For Feeding Squirrels

You would think that wild animals would not have a problem finding food, and they probably don’t, but that has not stopped one small-town man from making a habit out of feeding squirrels. Within the county of Larimer, Colorado a man by the name of Gaylord Sigman has recently been cited for feeding wildlife. Sigman’s citation has caused an uproar among the town’s locals. Many of the town’s locals believe that citing Sigman for feeding wildlife was absurd and unnecessary. Sigman’s citation has resulted in many angry calls to city council members, as well as the local Humane Society.

Sigman’s citation came as the result of another resident’s complaints. The man who filed the complaint, Steve Pastecki, claims that Sigman was ordered by animal control units to stop feeding wildlife, but he persisted. The complaint also states that the well-fed squirrels are stashing nuts within the neighbor’s’ yards. This would not be much of a problem, but the holes that these squirrels dig are located within other people’s yards. Sigman admits to having fed various wild animals from his property over the years. Every animal from birds to deer can expect a handout from Sigman.

Sigman has been defiant in the face of the law, and he firmly believes that he has a right to feed animals that are on his own property. When Sigman was ordered by authorities to move the containers containing peanuts into his home from his garage, he responded by taking the containers inside, but not the peanuts. Sigman also insists that the laws, while preventing him from feeding most types of wildlife, do not mention anything about not feeding squirrels.

According to Bill Porter, Larimer Humane Society’s director of animal control and protection, this is the first ticket of its kind to be issued to a resident for six years. Porter insists that feeding wildlife is a public health and safety concern. The city council has been receiving email complaints about the case from states that are located as far away as Florida.

Have you ever heard of anyone being cited for any wildlife-related transgression? If you have, then describe the situation.