Have You Ever Been Bitten By A Flying Insect That You Could Not See?

July 31, 2017 | Posted In: Uncategorized

Have You Ever Been Bitten By A Flying Insect That You Could Not See?

We have all sustained mosquito bites during the spring and summer months, but have you ever noticed a mosquito bite, but did not remember ever being bitten? It is certainly possible for a mosquito to bite a person only to fly away before it’s noticed. Then again, mosquitoes are not the only flying insects that bite people. If you have ever felt an itchy bump on your body, while not being around any mosquitoes, then you were probably bitten by a tiny insect that is commonly referred to as a no-see-um. That is right, a no-see-um.

No-see-ums are also referred to as gnats, biting midges, punkies or sand flies. These flying insects are tiny, and their bites look and feel much like mosquito bites. You have almost certainly experienced several bites from these insects during your lifetime, only you may not have realized exactly what it that bit you. When these bites are unexpectedly discovered, most people dismiss them as the work of mosquitoes. Despite this dismissal, many people remain skeptical concerning the origins of these bites, but are, nevertheless, at a loss as to where and when they were bitten, and by what. Well now you know that you were not going crazy, and tiny mosquito-like insects do exist, and their bites are annoyingly itchy.

Although these insects are very small, they are not entirely invisible. They can be spotted more easily when they are flying frantically within a swarm comprised of numerous other no-see-ums. However, these insects are small enough to fit through your window screens with ease. Unfortunately, due to their minute size, no-see-ums are well known for flying into people’s mouths, noses and eyes. This could be dangerous because these small flying insects can be vectors for disease, much like many types of mosquitoes can be vectors as well. If your yard is often infested with swarms of these insects, then you should have them removed.

Have you ever sustained a bite that felt like a mosquito bite, only you did not know when or where it happened, or even what it was that bit you?