Are Termites The Only Types Of Insects That Infest Firewood?

September 12, 2017 | Posted In: Termites

Are Termites The Only Types Of Insects That Infest Firewood?

Bringing firewood into your home is a great way to start an in-home termite infestation. This is why firewood should be checked thoroughly before taking it indoors. Once the firewood is indoors it should be stacked somewhere that is far from wood-made objects. However, termites are certainly not the only types of unwanted insects that can gain access to your home via firewood. There are two categories of insects that can be found on firewood. The first category includes insects that actively feed on wood, such as termites, and some ants and beetles. The second category includes insects that are only there for the shelter that wood provides. The second category of insects are not a major concern.

You may assume that termites are the insects that are most commonly found on firewood, but this is not the case. A few types of beetles are the most common insects found on firewood. These beetles are referred to as roundheaded wood borers, powderpost beetles and flathead wood borers. These beetles are relatively picky about which types of wood to infest. They prefer to infest hickory or oak. Luckily, these beetles will not cause any structural damage to wood located within homes. These beetles are attracted to light, and they are often spotted on window frames. These beetles are harmless to humans as well. However, termites and carpenter ants are not similar to these beetles in any way.

Termites are sometimes found in firewood that is wet, or has been stacked for a long period of time. The most common termites in the United States, Eastern subterranean termites, move below ground through the soil. Due to their soil-dwelling ways, termite infested firewood will likely have mud located on certain parts. Carpenter ants, on the other hand, prefer clean habitats and they can be found on wood that appears perfectly sound. These ants will not cause infestations, but a heavy ant presence may develop in homes as a result.

Have you ever found insects located on firewood? If you have, what type of insects were they? If they were found in your home, then did they cause you concern?