A Woman Was About To Eat Her Oatmeal When She Discovered Weevils In Her Bowl

September 13, 2017 | Posted In: General

Tesco is a company that sells food products to many different countries around the world, mostly European countries. Tesco was founded, and is headquartered, in the United Kingdom. Tesco is one of the world’s largest grocery store chains. This is why one elderly woman was surprised to find that her Tesco-brand oatmeal was infested with insects. A variety of internet news outlets have made it clear that the future of human survival may depend on citizens of the western world embracing edible insects. Lets just hope that Tesco is not trying to ease us westerners into this bug eating trend by planting insect-pests within food products.

The bugs were discovered by Rachel Carter, as she was preparing bowl of oatmeal for her grandmother. Once the bugs were discovered scattering out of the oatmeal, Carter posted a video of the oatmeal infestation to Tesco’s Facebook page. The video shows around ten weevils frantically trying to escape the milk that was about to be poured into the bowl of oatmeal. The Facebook footage contained a caption reading: “Hello Tesco! This morning my Nan opened a sachet of your Easy Oats, the Chunky Oat and Barley variety, as she was about to pour the milk on, we found these nasty little critters crawling from out of the oats.” Carter then demanded an explanation for the disgusting insect infestation within her grandmother’s oatmeal.

A spokesperson for Tesco then responded by politely asking Carter to take the infested oatmeal to the nearest Tesco headquarters so that experts could determine what caused the infestation. The spokesperson then claimed that Tesco products are subjected to a rigorous inspection process, and that such occurrences of weevil infested food products are of the utmost rarity. For the record, weevils are a type of insect pest that you definitely do not want to find within your store bought food.

If you found insect pests within your store bought food how would you respond? Would you attempt a lawsuit?