The Tiny Bugs That Take Serious Bites Out Of People

October 5, 2017 | Posted In: Georgia Pest & Termite Control

During the late summer and early fall, people who enjoy spending time outdoors should prepare for invasions of minute pirate bugs. These insects are tiny, as they are only one fifth of a single inch in length. However, if a pirate bug bit you, then you would know, as their bite is known for causing a surprisingly high degree of pain despite their size. These bugs can be quite bothersome, but on the bright side, minute pirate bugs are beneficial to gardens, crops and the environment as a whole. These bugs consume a large number of insect pests. Some people place them in their gardens deliberately for this reason. Minute pirate bugs may be loved by gardeners and farmers, but as far as everyone else is concerned, minute pirate bugs have a bad reputation. This year, residents of Omaha, Nebraska are seeing vast amounts of minute pirate bugs while outdoors. Actually, people are “feeling” these bugs more than they are “seeing” them.

Recently, residents and tourists visited Omaha in order to take part in a community activity referred to as the annual market to market relay. During the most recent relay, many runners were attacked by swarms of tiny black bugs. Initially the runners were convinced that these “black dots” were gnats or midges. However, many of them changed their minds once they sustained bites from these annoying insects. The overpopulation of these bugs is unusual, and experts believe that a mild summer followed by a moist and warm spring is the reason for high minute bugs populations this year. According to University of Nebraska entomologist Jonathan Larson, pirate minute bugs are not actually biting when they cause pain to people. Actually, minute pirate bugs are simply trying to ascertain what they have landed on by poking human skin with their sharp beaks. These bugs are not biting or sucking blood, which is a relief to many. Normally these bugs stick to eating aphids and other insect pests in large fields and crops. But when these crops and fields dry up, the minute bugs move into urban areas where they disturb city residents.

Have you ever experienced pain as a result of a minute pirate bug landing on you?