A Group Of Eagle Scout Candidates Plan To Save A Church From Termite Infestations

October 9th, 2017

A Group Of Eagle Scout Candidates Plan To Save A Church From Termite Infestations

Many grown men look back on their days as boy scouts with fond memories. Spending summers learning how to survive in the great outdoors can be good fun. Becoming an Eagle Scout, on the other hand, can be quite challenging, and can take years to achieve. Eagle Scout candidates are required to commit to community service projects before achieving the coveted title. A group of candidates from Georgia are fulfilling their community service requirements by rebuilding church property. Anthony First Baptist Church has become damaged beyond repair as a result of frequent termite infestations. The church itself has luckily remained free from termite infestations. However, the church’s large wood-constructed pump house has become ravaged by termites. The pump house will have to be demolished and rebuilt. A wooden sign bearing the church’s name has also succumbed to termite damage. The potential Eagle Scouts are determined to demolish and rebuild the pump house and sign. However, the candidates must rebuild the structures to withstand further termite damage, as the church property is also a termite hotspot. The motto of this anti-termite construction effort is “who let the bugs out?” In reference to the termites, of course.

The church’s pump house has only existed for ten years. Unfortunately, during that short amount of time, termites have consumed enough of the structure to make it a danger to anyone venturing inside. If the structure is not demolished soon, it could collapse, potentially causing injuries. The future Eagle Scouts are planning on building a new eighty square foot pump house with a metal roof. The candidates are building the new pump house and church sign with pressure treated wood in order to ensure that the structure will remain standing for a long while despite termite activity in the area. The house will also be painted and finished with water sealant. If you thought that becoming an Eagle Scout was difficult, then you were not mistaken.

Does it surprise you that a structure the size of a house has become nearly destroyed after only ten years of existence as a result of termite infestations?

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