The Bugs That Invade Your Home During The Fall Will End Up Starving To Death

November 7th, 2017

The Bugs That Invade Your Home During The Fall Will End Up Starving To Death

By now you are well aware that many insects and spiders will make an effort to move into your home once the temperatures begin to drop during the fall season. No matter how well you seal your windows, doors and numerous other accessible locations, tiny bugs will always find a way into your home. The reason why bugs are so effective at gaining entry into your warm household is not just because they are small enough to fit through small access points in obscure locations. The reason has more to do with survival. Insects are not particularly smart, but any organism that is making an effort to save its own life will likely find success eventually. Insects do not want to die in the cold, this means that if there is any possibility of gaining access to your home, they will likely find it. This is unfortunate for homeowners, but you should not be too worried as gaining access to a warm home is also unfortunate for invading bugs. Bugs may not realize it when they are trying to escape the cold, but locating warm conditions during the fall will eventually result in a bugs death by starvation.

This statement may sound strange, but it makes perfect sense according to experts. An insect’s metabolism slows when the weather cools. Since bugs can sense the slightest decreases in temperature they will begin to eat as much as they can in order to survive once their outdoor environment becomes bereft of sustenance, such as plants and other insects. The insects eat until they become fat. This fat allows insects the energy necessary to survive a winter without food. It may be surprising to learn that insects become fat, but they can. Their fat is just contained within their hard exoskeletons. Once an insect senses the warmth emanating from a home, they will make an effort to invade that home. Once the insect gains access to a home, the warmth within the home will cause an insect’s metabolism to speed up, which causes insects to burn through all of their stored fat. Since there is also not other forms of sustenance within a house, insects eventually starve to death as a result of invading a home in the first place. So now you only have to worry about finding dead insects in your home this winter.

Have you ever found at least one dead insect within your home during the winter months?



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