A Prominent Executive Is Claiming That All Of Us Will Eat Be Eating Bugs In 20 Years

November 8, 2017 | Posted In: Georgia Pest & Termite Control | Posted In: Pest Control Atlanta

A Prominent Executive Is Claiming That All Of Us Will Eat Be Eating Bugs In 20 Years

Just when you thought that the edible insect trend was dying down, a prominent corporate executive has claimed that we will all be eating insects within the next twenty years. You may find the idea of eating bugs disgusting. You may even believe that eating insects is simply not possible for you. Most Americans are turned-off by the obvious ick factor involved with edible insects. This is understandable since you have spent your whole life either running in fear from insects or squashing troublesome insects with your shoes, or both. But if you are in your twenties or thirties, then no matter what you may believe now, it is almost certain that your children will be avid insect eaters.

According to John Chambers, who is the well known and influential corporate executive of the IT company called Cisco Systems, every human in the world will be stuffing their faces with bugs in less than two decades, even Americans. Chambers has claimed that insects are too nutritious and environmentally friendly to ignore. And insects are so cheap to produce that many food corporations will soon begin stocking our grocery store shelves with crickets, grasshoppers, termites and many other edible forms of insect life in order to turn a large profit. Americans will naturally begin to slowly transition into bug-eaters if corporate executives in the US decide to invest in edible insects, and they will.

More and more insect farms are being established in America and large corporations will jump on the edible insect bandwagon in order to secure a market share on the products. Chambers knows this because, as a prominent businessman he is well aware of the ever increasing amount of startup companies that are looking to produce edible insects. In fact, Chambers himself wants to get a piece of the profit-pie by helping to finance edible insect startups. Chambers has already invested in Aspire Food Products, which is based in Austin, Texas. As long as the country’s leading business people are investing in edible insects, then edible insects will be consumed by the American public. According to Chambers, edible insect companies are already creating larger and more nutritious insects, like giant crickets. However, for most Americans, eating insects will not be so difficult because most of the insects being produced will be grounded up and consumed like protein powder.

Do you believe that your children will be more comfortable consuming insects than you ever will be?