A Couple Finds Maggots In Their Stake During Their Anniversary Dinner

November 13, 2017 | Posted In: Georgia Pest & Termite Control

A Couple Finds Maggots In Their Stake During Their Anniversary Dinner

We have all heard that Australia is home to some of the world’s most terrifying insects. If you were to travel to the Australian outback you would most certainly encounter a creepy-crawly or two that would have you running for the hills. However, you would not expect to become terrified of an insect presence while eating at a swanky and upscale restaurant in Australia, right? Of course, your answer is “no”. Even if you are a major insect fanatic, you do not want to see a disgusting pile of larvae anywhere near your plate while eating. Unfortunately for a lovestruck couple celebrating their anniversary at a restaurant and pub in Australia, maggots made a sudden appearance on a stake that a woman was preparing to eat.

Of all the insects that you could find on your food, could anything be more disgusting than finding maggots? Stella Kim and her partner, Sushil Lamichhane, both visited the Ranch Hotel on Sydney’s north shore. The two were looking forward to eating a well prepared steak at the hotel in order to celebrate one thousand days of being together. Shortly after the compromised steak was brought to Kim, she noticed maggots crawling out of it as though she was looking at a “rotten carcass”.

The manager of the hotel eatery admitted to the tainted meat, but he insisted that they were running a high-class establishment with top-notch food. The larger company that owns the hotel, Australian Leisure and Hospitality (ALH) Group, posted a comment relating to the maggot-situation on their website. The website comment claimed that two hundred and sixty two steaks had been prepared and served at the restaurant that day, and only Kim’s steak had been tainted. A spokesperson claimed that the steak became infested with blowfly larvae after the steak was prepared. Not surprisingly, several other guests at the hotel treated the spokesperson’s remarks with suspicion. Surprisingly, Kim was not relieved when she was told that fly larvae must have invaded her food in the hotel kitchen after the steak was prepared for her consumption.

Have you ever found an insect of any kind on food that you had ordered from a restaurant?