An Edible Insect Lover Is Going To Try To Get Americans To Start Eating Bugs

November 10th, 2017

An Edible Insect Lover Is Going To Try To Get Americans To Start Eating Bugs

At this point, most Americans are probably getting tired of hearing about edible insects. Most people living within America do not plan on ever eating insects just because most people in the world eat insects regularly. Many news stories or blogs will try to peer-pressure Americans into feasting on insects by highlighting the fact that other cultures have been indulging in this culinary habit for centuries. However, eating insects is not just about being courageous or trying something new. Consuming insect protein instead of protein from livestock may lead to several different environmental benefits. Many Americans have repeatedly been made aware of these benefits. Despite this, most Americans would rather demonstrate their environmental friendliness with good old fashioned recycling, or by limiting their use of fossil fuels. Anything but stuffing a spoonful of termites in our mouths! Even though convincing all of America to embrace protein-rich bugs over Big Macs may seem like a lost cause, one enthusiast of edible insects will nevertheless proudly make her own effort. Wendy Lu McGill, who is the owner of one of America’s first edible insect farms, will be hosting a banquet in Denver, Colorado that offers some of the world’s most popular insect-based cuisines to the public. McGill is hoping that the banquet will make some Americans more comfortable with consuming bugs.

Wendy believes that edible insects could become commonplace in America one day if the public is exposed to this eating practice regularly. So far McGill has managed to gather seventy five different poor souls to attend her edible insect banquet that is being held on the 8th of November. The banquet will include insect-based dishes from five different continents. Tickets to the banquet have to be purchased in advance and they are running at eighty to ninety dollars each. Luckily, beer and wine will also be available to the dining guests.

Do you believe that repeatedly exposing the concept of edible insects to the public can convince a substantial amount of Americans to consume insects?

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