The Arachnids That Leave Their Feces On Your Face

January 18, 2018 | Posted In: Spider Control

The arachnids that live on your skin are referred to as mites. This blog has already featured an article about mites that live on skin. However, skin mites do not just cause scabies in some people. Mites can be harmful in other ways as well. Just like all animals, mites must dispel their bodily waste products. It is their feces that can cause acne. Most blackheads and whiteheads associated with acne are caused by mites. Mites themselves do not often result in the clogging of pores; rather their feces are left behind in pores, clogging them. The bacteria present in mite feces results in infection. This infection is acne. It is not well known that severe cases of acne are usually caused by decomposing mite feces.

There are several over the counter and prescription treatments available to treat acne. But, very few of these medications address the cause of acne. It has been found that the most effective acne treatments are the ones that remove mites from the face. However, even using the most effective treatments will not result in an immediate improvement in acne. This is because mites lay eggs which take months to hatch. Mite populations can be reduced drastically within a matter of days. But the few remaining mites will continue to produce eggs. Although medications that rid people’s skin of mite populations may kill mites quickly and effectively, their eggs can remain. In order to prevent worsening acne the entire mite population and all subsequent generations must be wiped out, and this takes time.

Despite the fact that some experts and many internet articles claim that mites are not present on every person existing in the global population, recent studies show that they are. While it is true that mites cannot be found on every skin sample put under a microscope, there is genetic evidence proving that mites exist on every person’s skin. According to Dan Fergus, a mite molecular biologist at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. One hundred percent of skin-scrapings reveal mite DNA. Where there is mite DNA there are also mites. Some skin samples are free of mites because some samples happen to not contain mites. However, some people can have greater numbers of mites existing on their skin than other people.

Do you believe that mites were present on prehistoric humans as well?