An Elementary School Is Falling Apart Due To An Extensive Termite Infestation

March 2, 2018 | Posted In: Termites

An Elementary School Is Falling Apart Due To An Extensive Termite Infestation

There are very few types of man-made structures that are immune to termite infestations and termite-induced structural damages. Even buildings that are constructed from bricks or steel can see termite infestations. Basically any structure that contains cellulose-rich wood can fall victim to termite infestations and related damages. Lately, termites have been found infesting numerous schools all around the world. Controversies concerning how termites should be properly treated in schools are surprisingly common these days. Schools in California have become infested with termites, but one school in Australia has succumbed to unprecedented levels of termite-induced damages. Unfortunately, government officials are doing very little to address the termite infestation that is ravaging the local school.

In the town of Bernbach in Victoria, Australia the Bonbeach Primary School is infested with termites. The current termite infestation in the school is not new. In fact, teachers, students and their parents have been tolerating a widespread termite infestation within the school for quite some time now. Understandably, many of the student’s parents are tired of sending their children to an unsafe building everyday. The building’s termite damage has become a major hazard. Certain parts of the school have fallen apart as a result of the extensive and long-lasting termite infestation. As a result of this damage, students are being evacuated into cramped alternative classrooms.

Parents who are fed up with the school’s condition have started to complain to the Victorian Education Department. Despite the many complaints from student’s parents, officials with the Victorian Education Department are refusing to provide structurally safe portable classrooms to the students. Officials with the governmental department are waiting until the infestation is eradicated before providing students with safe temporary classrooms. This particular approach toward termite control on the part of the Victorian Government does not make a lot of sense to parents who only want the safety of their children to be guaranteed. Given the length of time that the school has been infested with termites, parents are skeptical about the possibility of a complete eradication of termites on the school grounds.

If you were a parent of one of the students attending Bonbeach Primary School would you pursue a lawsuit in response to the termite-infested conditions at the school?