One Single Family Is The Likely Culprit Behind Repeated Bed Bug Attacks At A School

March 5, 2018 | Posted In: Bed Bugs

One Single Family Is The Likely Culprit Behind Repeated Bed Bug Attacks At A School

Anybody who keeps up with bed bug-news must be sick of hearing about infestations within schools. All over the world schools are becoming infested with bed bugs, termites and probably other insects. Understandably bed bugs would be quite a distraction during classroom instruction, which is why parents are typically unhappy to hear about bed bug infestations in schools. To make matters worse, one particular school has seen multiple infestations. School officials are under the impression that one single family, or even one child, is the culprit behind the repeated bed bug infestations at the school.

In North Carolina, the Bladen County School District has spent a total of seventeen hundred dollars on nine bed bug removal treatments over the past six months. The amount of money is not substantial, but the number of infestations is somewhat of a concern among students, parents, teachers and staff. The bed bug removal treatments have been a success each time, but someone continues to bring them into the building. The schools interior is not the only place where bed bugs have been found. School Buses have also fallen victim to bed bug infestations. Since the infestations started, one school bus has been treated for bed bug infestations four times, another two buses were treated once and they have treated one classroom three times.

According to a spokesperson for the Bladen County School District, Valerie Newton, the culprit behind these repeated bed bug infestations is likely one single family. It seems unlikely that the family would be unaware of a bed bug infestation in their own home and on their clothes. Newton also claims that only two students have come forward about having bed bug infestations in their homes, but they are not responsible for the repeated infestations. Two different schools in Bladen County, a primary and middle school, have also undergone recent bed bug treatments. In an effort to solve the bed bug issue, teachers and administrative staff plan on discussing the matter at the next school board meeting.

Do you think bed bugs are common enough that at any given time at least one student from this school and others are living in a home that is infested with bed bugs? Do you think that the person bringing bed bugs into the school should pay for the school’s pest treatments?