Termite Infestations Will Not Prevent The Morgan County Fair Of 2018

May 23rd, 2018

Termite Infestations Will Not Prevent The Morgan County Fair Of 2018

The summer season in America means that many popular state fairs are about to open to the public. Over the decades, many states have become notable for their state and local fairs, and this is especially true for states that are located within the midwest. With the exception of the Iowa State Fair, the annual Morgan County Fair in Illinois draws the most visitors from all over the United States. This year the Morgan County Fair will likely see an even greater number of visitors than previous years, but officials need to complete some structural upgrades before the fair becomes open to the public. Some buildings that are located on the Morgan County Fairgrounds need to be renovated for the public’s safety. Termites pose a continuous threat to wood-constructed buildings on the fairgrounds, and these wood-eating insects have already destroyed the large poultry barn that attracts numerous tourists every year.

For several months now, numerous volunteers have been making structural changes to many buildings that are located on the fairgrounds. Since last winter, volunteers have worked to provide metal-reinforced walls to various rooms below the fairground’s grandstand. Of course, the metal construction materials will help to prevent termite infestations on or below the grandstand, but the rebuilding efforts are mainly being done to provide a more welcoming environment for out-of-town visitors. However, extensive termite damages have forced officials to reconstruct the poultry barn. According to Jay Harris, president of the Morgan County Fair Association, termites made the old poultry barn structurally unsound after they bored into the barn’s posts. The new poultry barn will be forty by sixty feet and it will host a variety of other activities in addition to raising poultry. The new poultry barn, along with all the other renovations, will be completed before the fair’s opening on July tenth.

Do you think that the Morgan County Fairgrounds could benefit from soil-treatments that are aimed at preventing subterranean termite infestations?

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