A Well-Liked Local Brewery Shuts Down In Response To A Roach And Weevil Infestation

May 24, 2018 | Posted In: Georgia Pest & Termite Control

Insect pest infestations are inevitable, as there exists an estimated two hundred million insects for every individual human currently on the planet. Scientists have described over nine hundred thousand different insect species so far, and this number accounts for eighty percent of all animals on earth. Therefore, it would be unusual for insects to avoid moving into manmade structures. However, how would you respond if your favorite restaurant, or brewery, were to become infested with multiple insects, including cockroaches? When it comes to finding insect infestations within a restaurant, or any other place where food and beverages are processed or served, people tend not to show patience and understanding; rather, learning about these infestations makes these restaurants far less attractive to the consumer, to put it mildly. Unfortunately, an insect infestation has become a problem for people of one town, as a beloved local restaurant and brewery closed down after inspectors spotted multiple insects on the premises.

A few days ago Oak Park Restaurant and Brewery was randomly selected for a health inspection. This inspection must not have come at the right time for the owners, as the health inspector noted a significant cockroach and weevil presence on the brewery property. Just before the weekend began, Sacramento County health inspectors found more than twenty living and dead cockroaches on a glue trap located within a bar area. The inspector also located mouse feces on the walls, and a rotting rodent corpse still stuck to a sticky trap. Inside of a masa container, the inspector found twenty weevils, or small beetles as they are sometimes called. The next day health inspectors noted improved conditions in the building, but there were still roach corpses and other insect debris to clean up. The residents of the town have not yet given up on the restaurant and brewery, and several residents have claimed that they will give the business a second chance since they make good food and beer.

Would you stop eating at you favorite restaurant if one single insect infestation was noted in the restaurant’s history? Or would you need to know the details of the infestation?