Why Do Invading Insects Move To New Parts Of A Home Toward The End Of Summer?

August 31st, 2018

Why Do Invading Insects Move To New Parts Of A Home Toward The End Of Summer?

No matter what time of year it is, people’s homes are always crawling with a variety of different creepy-crawly species. Insects and spiders may invade homes in an effort to avoid deadly climatic conditions, but spider and insect sightings in homes are at their peak during the summer and fall seasons. Some particularly observant homeowners may have noticed that the areas where spiders and insects congregate most often tend to change over the course of the summer and fall seasons. This observation may often be dismissed as a product of a homeowner’s imagination, but, as it happens, there is a perfectly good explanation for why insects and spiders migrate to different areas of a home in accordance with the seasons.

During the hottest period of the summer season, many insects and spiders may choose to invade homes in order to stay cool. However, once the temperature cools during the late summer and early fall, spiders and insects are more often found on the south and western sides of a home. These migrating creatures are not simply looking for a change of scenery or a “new beginning”; instead, they are migrating toward warmer areas of a home. When the temperature drops, the south and west sides of a home see more hours of sunlight than the north and east sides of a home. In order to maintain their internal temperature, spiders and insects often move to the sunnier sides of a home when the weather cools. It is for this reason, that spiders and insects are often spotted in different areas of a home throughout the course of a year.

Of course, moving to warmer areas of a home will not save all spiders and insects during the dead of winter. This is why spiders and insects often crawl into small cracks and crevices during the winter months. These areas provide more insulation from the cold air. Many spider and insect species can overwinter within these cramped crevices, and this also explains why creepy-crawlies are found relatively less often within a home during the winter months.

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