Hornets Attack Several People Attending A Wine Festival

September 4, 2018 | Posted In: Uncategorized

There are several types of insects that people may find generally creepy, but not necessarily intimidating or dangerous. Cockroaches are probably the most detestable insect species as far as people are concerned, but beyond their otherworldly appearance, there is not much about cockroaches that should inspire fear. Although cockroaches have been known to spread disease in rare cases due to their filthy environments, we all know that cockroaches will not kill us. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for flying insects that are capable of delivering venomous stings.

Upon spotting an active beehive or wasp nest, most people would immediately run away as quickly as possible. This dramatic, yet understandable reaction is due to a fear of painful stings and possible death, which bees and wasps are known for causing. For example, a recent wine tasting festival in Germany saw thousands of hornets descend upon the wine enthusiasts that had been attending. More than a dozen of these festival-goers required emergency treatment for their injuries, but luckily nobody was killed in the attack.

Many people believe that hornets make up their own species, but in reality, a hornet is a type of wasp. Hornets are the largest of all eusocial wasp species and they are particularly aggressive. Hornets are often compared to their cousins, the yellowjackets, when it comes to appearance and aggression. Swarms of hornets cause human injuries frequently all over the world.

In the German city of Weingarten, thousands of hornets attacked a crowd of people attending the wine festival that is mentioned above. This was the second hornet attack to be recorded in Germany this year. A group of German hikers had been attacked earlier this summer. Luckily, a hornet expert arrived at the festival in order to safely remove the hornets without killing any of them. In Germany, hornets are protected by law, as they are considered endangered. This means that killing hornets is a crime in Germany, and this is why a hornet-removal specialist must be called to each and every location where a hornet attack is reported in the country.

Do you think that Germans should be granted a right to kill endangered insects when such insects become a threat?