How Many Scorpion Species Have Been Documented In Georgia? Are They Ever Found In Homes?

May 15, 2019 | Posted In: Georgia Pest & Termite Control

Scorpions are not commonly associated with the humid subtropical climate of Georgia, but there exists around 2,000 documented scorpion species that exist on six continents and within different environmental conditions. But there is one thing just about all scorpion species have in common, they prefer hot weather. As most people can guess, the southwest is home to the highest population and greatest diversity of scorpion species in the US, but the venomous arachnids can be found in states along the Gulf Coast and as far north as Kentucky. Most experts have become used to claiming that only two native scorpion species can be found in Georgia, but recent surveys show that a third species that is native to Florida has been found in the far southern portion of the state.

The two native scorpion species in Georgia, the southern devil scorpion and the striped scorpion, can both be found within homes on occasion, especially the southern devil scorpion. The third non-native scorpion species that is likely present within southern Georgia is the Florida bark scorpion, and this species has not been documented within any homes in the state. The southern devil scorpion is most abundant in the northern half of Georgia, and is often spotted around Atlanta. A scientific survey found that the striped scorpion is abundant within sandy and wooded areas in 34 counties in the southern region of the state. The non-native Florida species is not likely to be encountered within Georgia.

Georgia’s two native scorpions are relatively small in size, as neither species grows beyond one inch in length. Luckily, neither one of these species inflict medically significant stings to humans, and the pain of their stings have been compared to the pain of bee stings. However, some individuals with an allergy to venom could experience serious medical symptoms following a sting. Southern devil scorpions are frequently spotted indoors, especially within sinks, bathtubs, basements, cellars, crawlspaces and other high-moisture areas. The striped scorpion, prefers to dwell beneath bark, but they too can be found indoors on occasion.

Have you ever spotted a scorpion either indoors or outdoors?