An Athens Middle School’s Structural Deficiencies Have Led To A Massive Cockroach Infestation In Every Room Where The Pests Are Posing A Health Threat

November 6, 2019 | Posted In: Georgia Pest & Termite Control

It is well known that cockroaches tend to invade homes and buildings where the internal environment provides nourishment for the pests. Since cockroaches readily feed on human food sources, unsanitary human dwellings see frequent roach infestations, and an abundance of clutter provides roaches with many indoor spaces where they can safely remain out of human sight.

Cockroaches often invade homes and buildings with particular structural deficiencies that make the indoor environment moist enough to sustain a large number of the disgusting pests. For example, clogged gutters may cause water to leak into wall voids, and a breach in a structure’s roof can cause rainwater to leak into any number of indoor areas. In some cases, the ground surrounding a home’s foundation slopes downwards, causing rainwater to flood into basements, crawl spaces and cellars. Perhaps the most common source of indoor moisture comes from plumbing leaks.

Although cockroaches are difficult to eradicate from structures, simply correcting some of these common deficiencies can greatly reduce or completely eliminate existing infestations. In rare cases, extensive structural deficiencies can lead to the indoor establishment of an unmanageable number of cockroach pests, warranting the structure’s demolition. Unfortunately, this is the type of roach infestation that is currently plaguing students, teachers and staff at Clarke Middle School in Athens.

Clarke Middle School is beginning to show its age, as rainwater leaks, malfunctioning heating and cooling systems and plumbing issues have become so extensive that a seemingly infinite number of cockroaches have established a presence in every room in the building. The pests are not shy about showing themselves either, as roaches can clearly be seen skittering on the floor, desks and even falling on teachers while they give instruction.

This infestation has lasted for years, which can be discerned by the prevalence of urine and fecal stains left by the roaches on carpeting, furniture and walls. Last school year, Clarke Middle School had a 33 percent higher incidence of student absences when compared to other schools in the district, as students are putting their health at risk every day in the school. Due to the seriousness of the structural issues at the school, and the roach infestation that has resulted, city council members are planning on demolishing the school after a new building is constructed nearby.

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