How to Get Rid of the Not-So-Sweet Sugar Ants?

January 21, 2021 | Posted In: Georgia Pest & Termite Control

Sugar ants—while the name sounds sweet, a sugar ant infestation is a big nuisance. These pesky pests don’t appear solo but appear with their crew. So, if you encounter a single sugar ant? Don’t let that small creature fool you. There is an ant colony inside your home.

An ant infestation can be a bigger problem if the ant colony makes itself comfortable around your home. While they might not cause structural damage to a property like chewing through a house or wreck your landscaping, like other pests, but their appearance in swarms is difficult to get rid of.

How to get rid of sugar ants?

  1. Locate traces:Before getting rid of sugar ants, track them down by following their visible trail to determine their entry point into your home. This will give you the first remediation point and you can decide the type of method you want to use to get rid of them, either chemical or natural.
  2. Cut out their food source:Ants, just like other pests, need daily nourishment to survive. The place they are most attracted to in your house is, of course, the kitchen. So, make sure to clean your kitchen space with no food particles like bread crumbs on the table, kitchen counters, or fridge.
  3. Thorough Home Inspection:While the kitchen is the most commonplace for sugar ants, it’s not the only one. A candy wrapper left under the sofa of your living room can attract various insects including sugar ants. Do a bit of investigation around your house and check for any food wrappers or boxers. If you find one, get rid of it immediately and clean the area immediately.
  4. Regular Cleaning:Sweep and clean your home once a day to get rid of any food particles fallen on the floor. Regular cleaning will also erase any pheromone trails left by the ants.
  5. Ant baits: Ants don’t eat the food right after they find it. They are not greedy pests. Instead, they take it to their colony for the rest to eat. So, if you put ant baits, they are likely to treat it as food and take it to the ant colony. The borax or the boric acid present in the bait kill the ants from the source.
  6. Pest Control Professionals:While pest control DIY and other at-home solutions to get rid of sugar ants is a common approach by most homeowners, it can have an adverse effect. Many ant control products available in the market contain harmful and toxic chemicals that can damage your skin or cause breathing problems. Therefore, it is wise to let the professionals treat ant infestation. They hold comprehensive expertise to locate the ants and eradicate them for good.

Wrapping Up

Sugar ant’s infestation can seem like a never-ending plague. You can find them throughout the US home and once they get an entry into your home, getting rid of them is as difficult as putting a bell on the cat. But worry no more. Our team is here to help! Our pest control services will nip the sugar ant issue from the bud.

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