Why My DIY Cockroach Bait Doesn’t Work?

February 1, 2021 | Posted In: Georgia Pest & Termite Control

Cockroaches are a nuisance and annoying pests that can move very quickly and spread diseases. The easiest and effective way to exterminate cockroaches is baits blended with insecticide. So, instead of searching for them, baits lure cockroaches out of their hiding places.

Although homeowners see promising cockroach control results with baits, occasionally, the baits fail to work. As a result, we still see cockroaches roaming free in and around the cracks of our home.

Oh no! What went wrong? Who is to blame?

Is bait the culprit, or are we doing something wrong?

Well! Let’s unveil the truth with this blog that evaluates the reasons baits fail to work to help you understand the power of cockroaches.

Bait Failure Reasons

Infestation Type

Baits are ideal for light infestations when the count of cockroaches is limited with visible presence and the right placing of bait. However, cockroach baits are ineffective when the infestation is severe.

Coverage Areas

Placing bait strategically to reach and control cockroaches in smaller spaces is less complicated as they can be easily spotted. But, when it comes to huge homes or premises with gardens and courtyards, the location of the bait plays a crucial role. In these places, the spread of infestation is not limited to common key risks areas like kitchens and dining rooms. Therefore, identifying the right place to place the bait is essential.

Age of Bait

Baits have an expiry date. Once bait expires, bait loses its efficacy and effectiveness. It is important to replace baits at regular intervals for a long-lasting effect. Accumulation of dust, dirt, water, and moisture spills over the bai diminishes its control quality and effectiveness.

Presence of food sources

Sanitation and kitchen clean-up is a prerequisite before using the bait. Clean and sweep and wipe up your kitchen so that there is nothing left to eat. If you still have crumbs on the countertop or dining table, spills in the microwave, grease on the stove, and moisture behind the refrigerator, irrespective of the quality of the bait, cockroaches will feed on other available options of food instead of the bait.

Short-term effect

The main reason you still see cockroaches even after placing baits is the validity of the bait’s effect. Baits are temporary or quick-fix solutions. They work only on a surface level and scare cockroaches away for a short time. They are designed for short-term control effect targeting a visible pest presence and often ignore the nesting sites.

Wrapping Up

Cockroaches are believed to have outlived dinosaurs and survived nuke attacks. So, winning the battle against cockroaches with baits is next to impossible. You cannot remove the entire cockroach population with the cockroach baits. This is the reason why a cockroach re-infestation occurs after placing baits. To address the cockroach infestation in your home, move beyond cockroach baits and call pest control specialists, who are experts in understanding the infestation level, the type of species, and take proper measures to eliminate it from the root source.